Jerry Zdril, President and Chairperson|
Roberta Zdril
Jeff Richards
Peter Herz
Deidre  O’Ruairc
Carlos Galvez
Rhonda Latreille
(Alan and Rick texted their best during the meeting)

Eva Galvez
Chuck Keeling, Great Canadian Gaming Corporation.
Call to Order and Welcome
Jerry called our meeting to order at 7:20am and welcomed our guests.  Carlos led the singing of the national anthem, and Roberta offered the invocation.

Rotary Minute:
Deidre talked about the importance of telling our Rotary story.  It is a great story and a compelling story. 
She shared that we are fortunate to enjoy some significant donations from Brian telling our story to someone he met through their business. 

Deidre prepared the article for the Peace Arch News about our work with the Learning Centre and in collaboration with Pat, worked on a story about our international projects.  This is a great way to spread the word, educate our community and attract Membership!

Announcements – Upcoming Events

Passport to Fun - Thursday March 7
Come out and have Fun!  Clubs to intermingle and meet new friends.

District Training Assembly - April 7, 2018
Kwantlen Polytechnic University Surrey Campus

Each club is required to pay for 5 positions and Jerry asked for expressions of interest to attend.
Jerry, Roberta, Deidre and Rhonda offered to attend.
District Conference - April 8-14
Registration low (only 100 or so).
It was acknowledged that especially given the exchange rate – this is an expensive event, with expenses climbing to about $1000+ per person.

Next year the Conference will be held at Harrison Hot Springs and this should make it much more reasonable for Canadian participants.

District Awards – April 14
Jerry mentioned that there are a number of awards where we should consider making nominations. 
Everyone agreed that we should put Brian and Chip’s names forward and Jerry will look into the best category to make the nomination. 

Jerry gave some information about why the ‘Avenues of Service’ may be more appropriate than the ‘International Projects’ Category.  We will also likely submit for the Rookie of the Year award as well. 
Jerry agreed to circulated more details in preparation for further discussion at the Executive Meeting.

Rotaract Charter Night - May 4
Roberta and Jerry went to their planning meeting last week. 
No sit down meal - buffet or applies.  They want the event to be as informal as possible.

Everyone invited to participate and support.

Jerry shared with the Rotaract President that we offered a 1 year membership to encourage their members to join our club as well.  The Rotaract President felt that they would probably have two folks interested.

New Governor Nominee Brad Whittaker – Sunday, July 1
Jerry announced that Brad Whittaker from the Chilliwack Rotary Club is on the Leadership Team for the Rotary International District 5050.  Brad is serving as Governor Nominee.
PETS Conference – New Governor to attend our Meeting - August 21
Jerry shared that the new Governor is scheduled to attend our club meeting on August 21. 

It was suggested that this is not a good time, as many members are away on vacation. 
Perhaps we can re-schedule?  Agreed to revisit at our next Exec meeting.  Rotaract Conference in

Vancouver -- October 25-27.

Friday evening social event - trying to get as many Rotarians as possible to attend this social in support of the Rotaract members.
More info coming.
Usually get 800-900 Rotaract from West Coast.

Updates  – Fund Raising Events

5 Club Breakfast - March 16
Roberta is organizing the Greeters, and asked us to be there at 7:30 am.  The Breakfast starts at 8:30 am.  Roberta will provide more details at the next meeting. 
Shred it
Roberta contacted Shredwise - Tino ok to work with us. 
Next week we should know what dates are open for him.

Still waiting to hear back about dates for when the band is available.

Announcements -- Member info:
Cliff Annabel just passed away last night from a heart attack.  Members expressed shock and regret over significant loss to family,  community and friends.
Jeff to let us know how best to offer our condolences and support to family.

Deidre announced that Don Boyle is in Peace Arch Hospital.  A number of members expressed interest in visiting Don in the hospital.
Deidre shared that Don and Iola will be celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary in May, and Don will be celebrating his 90th birthday in April!

Guest Speaker:  Chuck Keeling, Vice President, Stakeholder Relations and Responsible Gambling, Great Canadian Gaming Corporation.

Jerry introduced Chuck, sharing that Chuck grew up in horse racing/gaming industry in Orangeville, Cloverdale, Victoria. 
Managing 2 race tracks at 24.  Great Canadian Gaming acquired race track and retained Chuck to oversee horse racing activities.  In 2013, Chuck became VP of stakeholder relations - Govt., Community, Charities, Media.  Sits on multiple nonprofit boards.

Chuck started his presentation with information about Elements in Cloverdale.
Opened in 1976 - gone through various iterations and renovations in 1996.  As slot machines were expanding into province - race tracks knew they had to get into the game...  2004 - permissions to add slot machines - Great Canadian Gaming bought Race course - rebranded to Elements.

Gaming Revenues:
Casino industry not regulated by BC Lottery Corp.  Ministry of Attorney General regulators.
Gambling revenue goes to BC Lottery Corp - Great Canadian Gaming - get 33 cent dollars.  1.4 B $ from gambling for Province.
City of Surrey receives about $4m from Elements - close to 50 million since slots introduced - capital to rec centre etc.
Support charities and nonprofits - 2017 supported 44 charities - provincial community gaming grant program - some Rotary clubs have received $ from them
Charity of Choice - Sophie’s Place and now Music Heals.  Sources, etc...  Support local venders.  Invested about 90 million into facility and pay property taxes of $400,000/year.

Problem gamblers - 3% of population in general - lottery tickets - internet, casinos etc...
Everyone is trained to identify red flag behaviours and try to course correct - bar from facilities, counselled on floor, awkward conversations.

Money Laundering:
Top of news last 1.5 years.  Front lines of this story.  Disturbed by the allegations.
Casinos, banks, credit unions, - allegations of turning a blind eye and corners cut for $.
If casinos don’t comply with regulations,  casinos not in business, face criminal issues and lose licenses.

Challenges with anti-money laundering laws only work if EVERYONE doing their job.  Casinos report large or suspicious transactions and then goes to regulators and law enforcement (5 different entities). Any gap in the process and there are problems.
Casinos, government and regulators still trying to identify and fill gaps.  Lots of surveillance.
E.g. - River Rock audited about 25 times per year internally or externally.  Tremendous media attention - Casino operators doing their job - suspicious cash was reported... 48 recommendations came out of review and they are taking them seriously and implementing them.

Misunderstanding that a person can come into Casino with a bag a cash, gamble and cash out with cheque – not so.

Actually happening was:
VIP gamblers have typically been foreign nationals - kids go to school here - while here, go to underground bank and get a loan and go to River Rock. 
Give identification details.  Play/gamble - perhaps they lost $ or lose a percentage and cash out.  Buy in with cash and leave with cash.
Where the laundering was happening was that individual borrowed from underground bank that would loan $ to individuals - back in China paying money back through a multi-step process.  Casinos conduit, not a nexus. 

Since 2015, if in excess of $10,000 have to give identifying information, and at $20,000, must also provide a declaration as to where money came from (source info) when buying chips - that info is now on file. 

Fund Raising:
Use to be that Casinos could sponsor casino nights with a non-profit — not anymore.  Provincial government phased out - now grant application - 5000 organizations throughout province access this - Surrey and Surrey Guilford Rotary - have to be applied for a specific project with budget etc.

$4b NET profits.

Chuck believes the BC model good - BC govt retains strong % of money

Significant reforms since 2015 and revenues continue to increase! Industry still growing.

VIP not a big part of the business - regular everyday business is largest part - dinner, show, play with $100...  most of the money comes $100-$200 player - not the high roller.

Jerry introduced and thanked speaker.

Next Meeting Guests:
Rotaract presenting next week -  Lexxi and Meaghan

Jerry adjourned the meeting at 8:30 am.