Jerry Zdril, President and Chairperson
Roberta Zdril
Jeff Richards
Peter Herz
Pat Hahn
Joanne Taylor
Deidre O’Ruairc
Rhonda Latreille
It is with a very heavy heart that we announce that on Friday, March 29, Don Boyce passed away. 

Don made a significant contribution to his community and Rotary, and deeply touched and impacted everyone who had the privilege to come into his strong, wise, and gentle presence. 
​​​​​​​He will be greatly missed.

Welcome and Call to Order:
Jerry called our meeting to order at 7:15am led the singing of the national anthem and Roberta offered the invocation

Updates and Projects:
1.  Exec Meeting last week - Joan taking over for Emery right now.
2.  Shred it - Scheduled for June 1
Roberta will contact Ocean Park Safeway.
It was suggested that we explore another Shred It event in November following our Dance.
Roberta to check this out.
3. Dance -- Ticket to Ride - October 19
Confirmed date with Legion. 
Start collecting the silent auction items in August. 
Rick’s daughter works with Whitecaps — seeing if she can acquire 2 signed jerseys? 
Half price discount for tickets are also an option.
4 Beer Gardens - July 18 and August 15 (Thursdays)
Meeting next week with BIA
5.  Rotaract Update :
Sponsor 2 Rotaract members for our club - we will get confirmation — Meaghan and Lexie?

Funding for Guatemala project - asking for $1,000.  Bring it up for a motion at the next exec meeting.
Peter suggested that we cut it down to $500 given that we are such a small club.
Jerry acknowledged Peter’s position, and feels that since we have the money and more fund raisers coming up, and given the Rotaract’s efforts and presence in the community, Jerry suggests that we keep it at $1,000. 
Pat recommends as well that we support these young people as much as possible.    We have about $3,500 for projects. 

A gift for Rotaract’s Charter installation was also discussed – perhaps we could purchase flags for the Club.
Scheduled for May 4 - shortlist location to Westcoast Gardens and Taj -  stand up tables - $25-30 per ticket.

6.  District Conference - April 11-14
Low on registrations - $350 US$ hotel $200-250 US$ per night - display projects - best project win $1,000 - promote only 1 project. 
We don’t have to be there - were going to charge $50 but now at no cost. 
Connect with Joan - Deidre and Jerry will coordinate this. 
Jerry may to available to attend for one day only.
7.  Contribution to help the costs for Brian and Chip
Out of Cambodia Club budget. 

Motion:  Moved by Jeff and seconded by Jerry that:
“That we amend our original motion to cover the vaccination costs to instead provide $2,000 per person to help to cover some of their expenses for however they wish to apply the funds.”

We agreed that we would also circulate to all members for their approval as well.

8.  Membership Updates :
Jeff sent out dues invoice for first 6 months.

Emery is doing well with his cancer treatments.

9.  Adjournment :
Jerry adjourned the meeting at 8:30 am.