Meeting Held at South Surrey White Rock Learning Centre

Jerry Zdril — President and Chairperson
Roberta Zdril
Joanne Taylor
Chip Bowness
Peter Herz
Alan Benson
Rhonda Latreille

Surrey White Rock Learning Centre Staff

Janice - Principal

Jerry called the meeting to Order at the South Surrey White Rock Learning Centre.
We all introduced ourselves to the Learning Centre folks.
Roberta thoughtfully prepared and brought some home-made muffins with fruit – thank you!

Sassy Awards:
Janice let us know that they reviewed with the staff the suggestion to nominate one of their students.

So far one nominee (Desmond Tompkins — artist.)
Has applied to various art programmes for post secondary learning. 

The Sassy awards require you to apply within at least one particular category. 
There is a category of arts and culture leadership.
Chip suggested there should be a category for those going into trades and service professions. Chip offered to talk with his friend who started this...John at White Rock Brewery.
Jerry offered to prepare a letter of recommendation for Desmond. 
He might qualify for two categories - Arts and Overcoming Adversity.
Overcome Adversity -- significant personal challenge — volunteer effort in community - role model to motivate others - inspire and leadership.  
Sometimes hard for them to do community leadership because of the demands of having to work and go to school. 

Bicycle Repair Program
Just started 2 days ago for round 3.
Wonderful opportunity for the kids.  All part of one course — bike repair, carving and wood work.

Rotaract (18+) and Interact (14+)
Rotaract club helping with the start of the Interact club.
Suggested that some of the Learning Centre students may be interested. 

Engagement with the Centre

Reviewed the idea of a Mentorship program.  Janice and staff seem keen.
We also suggested that Chip and Brian’s presentation about the Cambodia Orphanage might be interesting for the students.

 Camp Jubilee
Take some students to camp up at Indian Arm - team building and socialization.
Our Rotary club previously helped to fund the trip - about 15 kids went.

Staff showed us the room where the sculpting and wood working lessons are held.

We adjourned the meeting at 8:30 am.