Thanks again to Peter for acting as Scribe


Present Jerry Zdril, Peter Herz. Bob Gray, Brian O'Ruairic, Joanne Taylor, Scott Phemeister, Chip Bowness. Pat Hahn, Rick Singh, Don Boyce, Geoff Richards. Late Dierdre O’Ruairic.


Speaker David Young, CEO of Sources



District 5050 conference has low attendance registered so far. A Brochure was handed out.


5 Club Breakfast (proceeds to Sources) Scheduled for Saturday Mar. 16. Chip reported on the last meeting. The earlier start was accepted according to the minutes. Brian will supply project pictures updated. Alan will take over from Chip when he is away. 5 People from our club are signed up as volunteers so far. There is space at the church for Rotary stuff. Scott will also deliver stuff to Alan.


Rotaract Hockey social is this Friday at the South Surrey arena. Doors open at 6:30. Proceeds go to the Rotaract project in Guatemala.


Shred it is planned for June. Scott had no progress to report. Roberta Zdril will take over from Scott. Wine event was not discussed at 5 president’s meeting Jerry will follow up.

Geoff reported that we have received another anonymous donation of $15000. Discussion of letter and picture followed with emphasis on anonymous.



Jerry introduced with information from internet that Dave did not know was there. Dave was born in Germany and came to Canada as a child. He has worked in many social areas and many parts of B.C. including as B.C. Director of Child Services.

Dave reported that Sources is a very broad group of Social Services with a minimum of Directors.  It had a budget last year of 22 million dollars and spends less than 10% on administration. They have a Society and a foundation. The foundation has a separate board and spends less than 2% on administration.

They work in a number of areas including children and youth, supervised visits to families (tricky), confidential services, operation of community houses.


They have therapists and operate throughout the province. They have had employment centres but are stopping that service as it was provincially funded, and the province will now go in a different direction. Dave pushed the Coldest Night of the Year walk. Sources is starting a community Investment fund which already has 1.5 million dollars of a planned $3million. It will run programs such as a book program costing $40 per person per year and a Discover Why program for youth 13 to 25+ years old with no fee and already having 12 to 14 people though not officially started yet.

Partnerships are very satisfying for both staff and volunteers. Geoff thanked the speaker.

Sergeant Scott collected happy bucks from Pat, Geoff, Peter and Don late fees from Joann and Dierdre and fined Gerry for forgetting the Sergeant last week

 Don still has Save on food cards. Adjourned at 8:37