On Friday Dec 7th, Rotary Donate A Car presented a Certificate of Appreciation for Service to Rotary and the Community to Mr. Mike Kinney, 'Aftermarket Specialist' at Canadian Auction Group.
Over the past year Mr. Kinney has been very helpful to the ongoing operations of our Rotary Donate A Car fundraising program. In the not infrequent situation where a donated vehicle may or may not be suitable for auction our telephone contractor, Diane Sharmin, has been able to rely on Mike's sage advice to direct the vehicle to our scrap dealer or to auction, where ever it would be most appropriate. In this way we have been able to maximize revenue to Rotary and generally maximize the tax receipt ot our donors as well. In addition, Mike has taken the initiative to present to individuals arriving to CAG with 'marginal' vehicles the option of donating to Rotary for a tax receipt. We are grateful to Mike for his generous assistance to our program and he was most appreciative of our Club's recognition.