Posted by Rhonda Latreille


Jerry Zdril - President and Chairperson
Roberta Zdril
Peter Herz
Chip Bowness
Pat Hahn
Scott Phemister
Jeff Richards
Carlos Galvez
Rhonda Latreille

Ted Church
Lynda Simpson
Eva Galvez


Call to Order and Welcome:

Jerry called the meeting to order at 7:16, welcomed the members and guests. 
Scott led the singing and Chip offered the invocation.


Until Picnic – September 12

9:30 at Peace Arch Park. 
Jerry, Pat, Lynda, Carlos, and Alan volunteering.

Social - Sept 18
It was suggested that since West Beach Brewing company really came through for us with the Beer Garden that we support the businesses that support us.
Jerry will contact them to confirm if we can bring in pizza there.

Cambodia Presentation - Oct 15 - White Rock Club
Chip and Brian to provide a presentation on their Cambodia trip 12:00 noon at Field House
Come and support!

Fab Four Dance – October 19

Flyers printed – Deirdre arranging for them to be inserted into the Celtic News
Roberta distributed some posters. 
Robert emailed Simon to confirm the band is onboard and confirmed with Legion that it is a go.

Pat is taking care of printing the tickets
Silent Auction — really need items!  Restaurants and hotels etc - minimum of $50 value...

Shred Wise — November 2

10 - 2, so be there at 9:30 ish to help out.

Rick can tape it off.

Scott is available until the end of October work on arrangements.

Will need tents and buckets etc.

Chip agreed to serve as site supervisor the day of the event.

Need bodies to poster especially since this is a new event for that area.

Posters should go up about 2 weeks before the event.


Rotary Noel Fundraiser Function in November from Peace Arch Club

Significant event and raises a lot of money. 
$70 each for tickets.

Looking for us to sell 30 tickets and silent auction items that range in value of $500 - $800 with starting bids.

It was suggested that we could make between $6,000-10,000. 

Jerry meeting with planning committee on Monday 1:30 at Hazelmere for the planning and invited our club members to attend.


5 Club (6 Club with Rotoract) Christmas Party at Hazelmere - Dec 17
This will be instead of our own club Christmas Party.

There was some concern that it would be standing only, and it was also recognized that this contributes to more socializing than sitting at restaurant tables.

Guest speaker — Ted Church

Jerry provided a quick intro.

Ted has been with a local Club for the past 8 years
Heavily involved in Rotary book sale

Mechanical engineer and received his degree from the University of Seattle

Ted worked in his family’s sawmill and logging business after his graduation/

He had a private consulting practice in Prince George for 2 years, and retired in 2001 and moved to White Rock.

Jeff also mentioned that he sees him at Field House every day working very hard on the books sale project. 

Ted was a Rotarian in Prince George and saw them start a book sale project there.  Over the years - learned how it is done and also learned from their mistakes.

They learned it is best to make everything $2 – this is amount where everyone wants to buy and keeps it easy!

It is key to have space to sort.  Their current venue at the Peace Arch Curling Club is perfect for this project.    Lots of light, good feeling and warmth.

The $2 value was arrived at from experience.  Tried a specialty book area - sold at 1/3 of Amazon price... Book sellers not interested in collaborating.  Ted had a sense that they would not make money from specialty area and returned to the simple $2 per book approach.

Started in a garage — then Semiahmoo Mall with 4 kiosks - 2 to 4 people per kiosk...350 shifts - a lot of volunteerism!

Books had to be fed in and it was tough to work with mall needs.  Generated about $45,000.

Curling club is a whole different story.  2 people on cash and some folks restocking.  Worked much better.  3 years now at this location — works great.

Advertising - key — Peace Arch News, posters, and generating a list of buyers - about 1500-1600 list of buyers who keep coming back.

Mini survey — how did you hear about sale:  Peace Arch News = #1 and then posters

Now buyers list has moved up above posters.

2 sales a year — after ice goes off and before ice goes in — fall and spring.

Spring sale — $47,000 and fall = $34,000 revenues.

Worked with another club at Guilford Mall - they take 25% of revenues.

Take about 16 pellet loads of books - send more books to grave yard than they sell.

Discovery books - US company use to pay returns by the pound and no longer work in Canada.  Big Brother took over the franchise and may generate money...  take recycle books and sell them to Discover books.. Do a re-sort.

Generate 80,000 pounds of books!

Experiment this year — problem is too many books and how do we get rid of them?

Drive through drop off — generated 5 pellet loads of books in 2 days! If they had another facility, could really blow this out!  Expansion is a lot of work and a lot of volunteering.  Current novels most popular.


Next Meetings:
September 18 – 7:30 Executive Meeting

September 25 – 7:15 Regular Business meeting


Jerry adjourned the meeting at 8:30am