Rhonda Latreille President & Chair
Jeff Richards
Marjorie Walters
Pat Hahn
Peter Herz
Alan Benson
Lynda Simpson
Zoom:  Chip Bowness
           Jerry Zdril
  • Welcome and Call to Order 7:36AM
  • National Anthem 
  • Invocation-Peter
  • Rotary Minute-Rhonda -Talk of October 24 2021 being World Polio Day and How since 1983 Rotary International have made a pledge to rid of Polio.  
  • Accept Minutes of previous Meeting of October 27, 2021, moved by Peter, seconded by Marjorie, Carried.
  • Additions to Agenda:
    • Jerry Zdril is President of Rotary World Health and they want to extend invite for anyone to attend a Container loading event which is once a month.  Next one is November 20, 2021, 9am.  is 2-3 hours.  You learn all what is involved to prepare and ship a Container.  Please register with Jerry.
    • Next week will go through yearly Citation Goals of our club
    • Review of District Awards each year. And where we placed last year.
  • Sergeant at Arms: Pat
  • Fundraisers:  Results of Shred It October 30, 2021.
    • A successful fundraiser with much thanks to all volunteers.
    • Ran smoothly, Gross funds $6,365.85. 
    • Will send out a feedback email and amalgamate suggestions for improvement at next meeting.
Future meeting Date:  November 10 , 2021 - 
       Social  will be November 19, 2020, 6PM.  Alan Benson and Aline Lavoie offered to host. 
                                                      address 1920 Ocean Wind Drive, Surrey, BC
  • Adjournment at 8:57am
Yours in Rotary,
Lynda Simpson