Jerry Zdril – President and Chairperson
Roberta Zdril
Don Boyce
Pat Hahn
Peter Herz
Deidre O’ O’Ruairc
Brian O’ O’Ruairc
Rick Singh
Chip Bowness
Jeff Richards
Alan Benson
Rhonda Latreille

Guest — Jerry Williamson, BC Lottery
Guest -- Sandra Newbine, BC Lottery


Call to Order and Welcome

Jerry called the meeting to order at 7:15, Don led the singing of the national anthem and Pat offered the invocation.

1.    Update of READY STEADY GO

Encouraged members to get silent auction items to Rhonda and sell tickets!  Only 10 days to go and not yet at the breakeven point.  Eagle Eyes sold out with Semiahmoo Club.

Suggested that we make a presentation at their club meeting.

2.  Christmas Party.
CORRECTION - ***** starts at 5:30 - dinner at 6:30 *****- contact Renee directly about your attendance.

3.  Rotary International - Hamburg.
Not sure anyone is attending from our club — Rick will participate in the Rotary Golf Tournament at St. Andrews.

4.  Rotary Foundation

Jeff confirmed that it is better if we go online ourselves to make a donation.  Go to Rotary International Foundation giving. 
Jeff will send out status especially for those who are close to a Paul Harris award.  Make donation this week.  Club is making a $25 pp donation to the Foundation. 

5.  Update - Presidents meeting

Pat reported on the Rotary work day in April, 2019. 
5 clubs work together on some initiatives.
Jerry leading that venture.

6.  Sources 5 club breakfast
Scheduled for March 16, 2019. 
Peter is our rep and is looking for help.

7.  Learning Center - Chip 
Rory confirmed that the woodworking project was a great success.
Worked with 12 kids - great progress - built tables. 
Will be offered again in 2019. 
Still looking for a larger premise on a bus line. 
Rory happy to give a review.  Rick suggested that we have a meeting at the Learning Centre for the presentation. 

8.  Beer Garden
We will be co-sponsoring with Peace Arch club to host 2 beer gardens.  Will need 18-30 volunteers! 
Heads up about resource needs.

9.  Strong chance Sip and Savour will go on next year
Semiahmoo leading the planning and we will likely be involved.  Jerry will share info as plans develop.


Rick Introduced Jerry Williamson, BCLC Director of Facilities and Development.  20 years of industry experience - conduct and manage casinos throughout BC.

Jerry and Sandra’s first Rotary meeting.  BCLC like Rotary - gives back to communities.


Vision — Gambling is widely embraced as exceptional entertainment for adults.

Crown Corp - in Canada — gaming has to be managed by government at the provincial level.

BCLC owns all assests that could potentially be tampered with - machines, dice, etc.

Agreements with 20 service providers such as Great Canadian Gaming Corp and Gateway.

2017/20178 - BCLC delivered $1.4 Billion in net income to Province of BC.  Health care, education, community groups.

Elements Casino Surrey - BCLC get to decide what the players want - 321 jobs created

Revenue to Surrey

$4.12 million 2017/28

Are we licensed to get grants?  Rick said yes.  Province of BC allocates grants (140 million). - Surrey, 282 organizations received funding.  $7.7 million went to support those organizations in human and social services sector.  Surrey food bank and Surrey Crime Prevention Association.

We should look into this again - can be difficult to qualify — find out how other Rotary clubs have been approved.

Player Health

Most gamble in a responsible way — strategic priority has 4 pillars.

1.    Positive play - reduce risk of gambling disorders in future such as pre-commitment.  Honesty with friends and family - where they are and what they are doing

2.   Informed decision making - understand the risks they are taking - Gaming Sense - make it stand out!  Responsible gambling program throughout North America.

3.   Reduced Harms from BCLC Products - modified products and environments

4.   Effective Referral to Treatment and Support - key element of Game Sense - Game Sense Advisors (GSA) for every property planned

Slot machines set to pay out 92% over the lifetime of the slot machine.

Jeff thanked Jerry for his presentation.



Jerry adjourned the meeting at 8:30