Jerry Zdril, President and Chairperson
Roberta Zdril
Pat Hahn
Peter Herz
Deidre O’Ruairc
Scott Phemister
Jeff Richards
Alan Benson
Joanne Taylor
Rhonda Latreille
Welcome and Call to Order
Jerry called the meeting to order at 7:30am, Scott led the singing of national anthem and Jerry the offered invocation. 

Rotary Minute
Roberta spoke about Rotaract Charter Group recognizing how their energy and youth are making a great contribution.  Everyone agreed!
Jerry distributed a copy of their charter and card of appreciation for our support and contribution. 
They fund-raised $2,755 at the event for their Guatemala project.

Fund Raising Events:
  1.  Planning for Beer Night - White Rock Peace Arch and South Surrey Rotary Clubs
Very good second meeting about Beer Event.
Judith prepared a planning task list.
Eagle Eyes and Crash Test Dummies confirmed to perform.  They are internationally known, and we are expecting 10,000 or more attendance.

Can seat 392 in our tent area, utilizing a variety of seating arrangements.
Beer garden separate from general public - room for 1,000 - 1500 sitting for free in front of us.

Minimum ticket purchase - $20 - 3 tickets and chips. Jeff suggested that we have someone walking around selling tickets. 
It was recommended that the planning group revisit this price plan, and instead offer 2 ticket drinks for the $20 admission fee. 
There was concern that 3 drinks might be perceived as excessive.

Jerry reviewed the task plan and invited our membership to indicate how they would like to be involved and encouraged everyone to participate and find other volunteers as well.
The majority of this meeting was dedicated to reviewing the task plan to solicit participation and commitment.
Jerry to send out the list displayed and discussed at meeting.
  1.  Shred it
Joanne will arrange for a quarter page ad in Peace Arch News for Shred it.

Announcements and Updates:
      1.  Cambodia Project
We had discussed the possibility of arranging for our club members to join their families and meet Brian and Chip at the airport when they arrive on Saturday, May 11.  In an email, Chip acknowledged that they were appreciative of the support, and asked that we re-schedule our welcome back celebration to when they have a chance to get settled from the trip and long 22-hour flight.
We look forward to a welcome back celebration at a time that works for Chip and Brian.
  1. South Surrey Rotary Installation
John Hogan will conduct the installation and Alan will serve as the MC.
The installation will be held at the Rotary Field House.
  1.  Social Night – May 15
It was confirmed that we will meet at the Zapoteca Mexican Grill and Seafood located at:
15495 Marine Dr, White Rock, BC V4B 1C9.
Come and bring guests.
  1.  White Rock Peace Arch Club
Looking at the possibility to combine with another club. 
They have 20 members and typically only 8 participate actively at any time. 
Considering combining with us.  Potentially a very good fit with our two clubs bringing different value to the table.
Recommended that we attend each other’s meetings.
White Rock Peace Arch Club are looking for more hands-on type of events like the events we sponsor.  They get about $19,000 from BC Lottery, host a Christmas Gala, have established sponsors.
Jerry extended an invitation to our social. 
  1.  Chamber of Commerce Membership
Pat sent message to Ritu, Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce about advertising/distributing our Shred It information to their members.  Members can send information to other members, so we would have to acquire membership to distribute this information.  Chamber have about 450 members at this time.
The membership for a non-profit is only $157, and they agreed to waive start-up fee for us.  Regular membership $250.
It was moved by Pat and seconded by Deidre that:
“We join the South Surrey White Rock Chamber of Commerce.”    
Motion Carried.

Jerry adjourned the meeting at 8:30 am