Jerry Zdril, President and Chairperson
Roberta Zdril
Pat Hahn
Peter Herz
Scott Phemister
Deidre O’Ruairc
Jeff Richards
Gary McIntosh
Rhonda Latreille
Jackie McLean
Dawn Lynn Bowness
Welcome and Call to Order:
Jerry called the meeting to order at 7:15am.
Scott led the singing of our national anthem and offered invocation. 
Jerry welcomed everyone and introduced Jackie McLean, and welcomed back Dawn Lynn.
Fund Raising Projects:
Beer Garden
Planning was great Dick Burt from WR club had a couple of documents that laid out processes and tasks.  Judith will prepare electronic copy and ask people to put their name next to a task.
Lots of initial work — Footprint still being discussed.
Have to apply to City for a license.
Recreation and Culture representative presenting to city.
Also need to apply to BC Liquor Control Board.  At least 2 folks need to have Serve Right course.

Shred IT
Roberta prepared and distributed 5 posters each - Deidre suggested we each take more posters and put up throughout our neighbourhoods. 
Each person who comes is worth about $50 to the fund-raising efforts!

Scott has not yet heard back from Superstore about second Shred Event in November.  He will follow up.
Scott mentioned that sometimes other groups also ask for food donations. 
There was some concern that some may pay with outdated food instead of money. 
Perhaps we should connect with Carlos and Eva to see if Salvation Army want to participate in a food donation bin.

Chilliwack Club -- Sep 27-29, 2019
2000 Rods and Reels for Rotary
3 nights of accommodation and 2 days of guided tournament sturgeon fishing on Fraser River.
$2500  all-inclusive event, and includes salmon bbq, gala banquet and more.
Community Projects:

White Rock Learning Centre Meeting
Pat, Jerry and Rhonda met with Janice and Susan from the WR Learning Centre.

We discussed our desire to explore how our club could contribute toward providing a positive connection with the students and the community. 

Through our membership, we have a wealth and variety of experience and expertise to offer to the overall learning experience and personal development.

It was suggested that, through an effective relationship, we offer small ‘m’ mentorship, a safe place for support, guidance, a role model as well as some work/career experience.
Gary cautioned that it isn’t about dropping a kid off to an employer, and stressed that any employer offering work experience be prepared so that it is a meaningful experience for the young person.
Scott wondered if school has opportunity to career aptitude test.  These tests are often out-sourced and quite expensive.

Janice and Susan believe that the inter-generational opportunity is particularly needed, and are keen to put more thought into this type of a project and will follow up with some ideas.

East Beach Clean-up – April 27
Jerry thanked those who turned up for the beach clean-up event. 
Deidre, Leslie, Roberta, Dawn Lynn, Rhonda, Pat and Jerry participated in the event.   
Although the beach was in fairly good shape, we were able to leave it looking even better!


Rotaract Charter Night — May 4
Room for some last-minute folks to still purchase tickets.

Rotaract Guatemala Fundraising Gala - May 17
Black Tie Event
$60/pp at the Vancouver Golf Club.
Tickets still available.

Rotary Club of South Surrey Installation Dinner – June 19, 2019, 6:00 – 10:00 pm.
Will be held at Rotary Field House.
Jerry thanked Roberta for arrangements and putting the flyer together.  Roberta, Deidre and Rhonda will meet about the menu.
$40 p/p.

Don Boyce Service – May 4, 2:00 pm
Don Boyce’s Celebration of Life will be held at the Peninsula United Church – 2756 127th St., Surrey, BC. 
A Reception at the church will follow.

Sgt. at Arms:
Scott received happy/sad dollar donations.

Brian and Chip return from Cambodia – May 11 at 4:45pm:
Deidre let us know that Chip and Brian will be arriving back from 2.5 months in Cambodia!
They worked hard to oversee a successful up-grade project at the Orphanage, and we are grateful to welcome them home safe and sound.
Let’s go to the airport to give them a welcome back they so deserve!
It was suggested that we might want to bring our banner. 
Jerry will be picking up our T-shirts from Bellingham – we will hopefully get them in time for the welcome back.

Next Social – May 15
It was suggested that we meet at Zapoteca Mexican Grill and Seafood 15495 Marine Drive. 
Everyone agreed this would be a good idea. 
Guest Presentation:  Presentation -- Jackie McLean
Jerry introduced Jackie McLean, Hypnotherapist.
Jackie was President of a local Rotary Club, board member of several non-profits and a member of toastmasters.
Jackie has had 15 years of using hypnosis to help people release beliefs and patterns that do not serve them.

Jackie invited us to think about:
“What stands in the way of us achieving success?”

Jackie suggested that self-sabotage patterns, beliefs and habits residing in our sub-conscious mind are contributing to us not leading our best life.
Furthermore, stress and burn out is consuming our energy and interfering with our ability to fully enjoy our personal life.
We often turn to destructive habits to compensate (that extra glass of wine each night) and this is at a great price to our health and well-being.
When we are not living up to our potential, we can feel like  failure in terms of our business and relationships.

Using hypnosis – we can get to the core of where these destructive habits live and change beliefs, shift patterns and change lives.  changing beliefs and shifting patterns and changing lives.

Her story:
Jackie grew up in India in an abusive environment - sexual abuse and physical abuse with an alcoholic father
Widow at 23 with children and lived most of her life with addicts - younger brother died at 36 with his addictions.
Hypnosis helped her to break free from her limiting beliefs and patterns.
New awareness - shifts old belief system.
Jackie shared that she has many stories of client success with even just one session – especially with addictions such as smoking, alcohol, nail biting.

She is able to work all over the world online and in person, and promises that individuals can overcome addiction and get rid of noises in their head.
Freedom to feel like a new human being.
Jackie offered a complimentary consult - discreet conversation to determine if hypnosis is the right way to go.

She left her contact information.
Roberta thanked Janet.

Jerry adjourned the meeting at 8:30am.