Posted by Rhonda Latreille on Jul 03, 2019


Jerry Zdril - President and Chairperson
Roberta Zdril
Pat Hahn
Peter Herz
Rick Singh
Jeff Richards
Brian O’Ruairc
Deirdre O’Ruairc
Joanne Taylor
Rhonda Latreille


Lynda Simpson
Dave Young, Sources
Sam Sangha - President Elect of Surrey Club

Welcome and Opening:

Jerry opened the meeting at 7:15 am, introduced and welcomed our guests and led the singing of the national anthem.

Rick offered the invocation.

Canadian Eyesite Global (CEG) 30th Anniversary Gala Dinner – August 18, 2019

Sam shared information about the CEG Gala Dinner Fundraising Celebration of 30 years of service.   A not-for-profit society, this organization has sponsored tens of thousands of free cataract surgeries to the needy and helpless in rural parts of India.

Gala Keynote Speaker:  Mark Daniel Maloney, Rotary International President

It was agreed that we should pull together a table of 10 or so for the event – a rare opportunity to meet the International President while supporting a great cause. 

We can also showcase our work and projects such as the Cambodia Orphanage and Thailand Hospice.  We will have a presentation looped on a computer.

Tickets $50 p/p
Dinner will be held at the Grand Taj Banquet Hall, 8388 128 St., Surrey, BC – 6:00 pm – 10:00 p.m.


1.       Central City — Community awareness events promoted at the booth.  Agreed that this booth was too far away to have impact for our club projects.  Jerry will respond on our behalf.

2.       Message from Pat - Johnny Walker Scotch event - food and scotch pairing event.  It was agreed that this would be a fun social for the club.  End of July or October?  Maximum 15 persons.  Rick offered to host.

3.       July Social would be the day before the Beer Garden.  It was suggested that we change the July Social to the following week and have an opportunity to debrief and review the Beer Garden experience.  Rick offered to host the social.

4.       Schedule;
        July 3 - no meeting. 
        July 10 regular business meeting
       July 17 last minute details before beer garden
       July 24 social at Rick and Leslie’s home.

5.       Pat - Sergeant at Arms - Happy Dollars - no sad dollars

6.       August 21 - reminder that District Director Brad will be here.

7.       July 21 - 4:30 - 8:00 District Governor Awards

$55 p/p.  Abbotsford Quality hotel.

8.       Orphanage in Haiti - Big steps little feet.  Jerry attended her presentation - looking at ways we might be able to contribute/participate.  Difficult to secure Morgan Weinberg as a speaker given her travel agenda but would like to attend when in Canada.  

9.      State House – for developmentally challenged individuals -  13th and State - rebuild kitchen.  Brian provide us with an update.  Kitchen does need renovations (electrical and drywall) as well as updated appliances.  
We can help to organize and offer the work — not dollars but coordinate the work.  Brian sent plans to a cabinet business for a quote. 

10.   Learning Center - Already had their graduation and failed to notify our club.  Jerry emailed principal and they said invitation just fell through.

11.  Jeff provided an update on the Rotary Field House work.  They are getting the Charters re-framed so they are the same and proposed that these be hung at the Field House.  Even though this would prevent the Charters from being portable, everyone agreed that this would be a nice touch to have them displayed at the Field House.    

Guest Speaker:  David Young

David offered greetings on behalf of White Rock Club as well as Sources.

Sources enjoys valued partnerships — Golf Tournament best ever.  Money for Rotary and Discover Why program (youth mental health program) - now have 3 years funding for this program.  Free help 15-25 years of age for counselling - no questions asked.  At 19, kids out of child mental health system and into adult mental health system.  Difficult if they don’t have a diagnosis.  Discover Why program supports kids who do not fit the criteria and early support and prevention.  They get to make the rules and respond to needs.  Now asked by Fed govt. to do more work with youth employment.

John presented our club with the first ever award for our Save On sponsorship.  He commented on how important it is to see how important Rotary is an essential part of fabric of our community.

Sources has a strong presence in White Rock and South Surrey and also work throughout Surrey.  Programs include homelessness preventions, food banks, autism support.  Have expanded services within Surrey, Delta and also Prince George and Parksville. 

They have become more of a province-wide community-based agency.
Center for child development to develop an early years program- approached by law foundation to do some poverty law work - add lawyer to team.  More work in youth employment services - especially those facing multiple barriers.  Help them become more job ready. 

New space for Langley food bank - now have a new location opened officially a month ago.  Already had 300 people at their door when it opened - support about 500 families.  Expanding work with developmental disabilities, customized employment.

Ken Stones — free dental clinic — need more volunteer dentists.  They have financial support and need dental support.  Started with Rotary funding years ago. 

John Block wanted to be here but won a cruise.  Hosted a little lunch at Bell’s, a partner in Save-On Food card program.  Some other sponsors were there.  Sold more than a million dollars of food cards.  Raised $170,000 for WR/SS food bank.  Darrel from SaveOn Foods was there.  Able to keep 17%.  Looking for more sponsors

Jerry thanked David and commented that the appreciation is reciprocated.

Jerry adjourned the meeting at 8:31