• Present:
  • Rhonda Latreille, President & Chair
  • Alan Benson
  • Rich Singh
  • Lynda Simpson
  • Chip Bowness
  • Jeff Richards
  • Welcome and Call to Order 7:48AM
  • National Anthem 
  • Invocation -Lynda
  • Rotary Minute - Rhonda
  • Accept Minutes of previous Meeting of January 26, 2022, Moved by Alan, seconded by Rick,  Carried.
  • Additions to Agenda -  
  •       District awards update: We made submission to all categories with photos!!
  •       Coldest night of year: Feb 26, 2022, our name SSSS ,South Surrey Super Stars of Rotary!  Let’s get ready for a great walk!!  Time and place to be determined.
  •       Citation update: Will update and advise progress monthly.
  •       Cambodia update: Water issues from dry well.  In contact and following. Reverse Osmosis is best alternative. Travel is still questionable due to pandemic.
  •       Guest Speaker:   Feb 9th Gabby Lees -Metro Vancouver Crime Stoppers.  Alan will present speaker.
  • Sergeant at Arms – Rick, happy $ collected with thanks.
  • Future meeting Date: February 9, 2022!!  Please join us for Guest Speaker!
  • Adjournment; No further business for good of Rotary, meeting adjourned 8:56am
Yours in Rotary,
Lynda Simpson