Jerry Zdril - President and Chairperson
Roberta Zdril
Peter Herz
Chip Bowness
Rick Singh
Carlos Galvez
Pat Hahn
Scott Phemister
Jeff Richards
Rhonda Latreille
Eva Galvez
Brad Whitaker
Joan Apel
Lynda Simpson
Call to Order and Welcome:
Jerry called the meeting to order at 7:16, welcomed the members and guests.  Scott led the singing of the national anthem and Roberta offered the invocation.
Rotary Minute:
Peter spoke to the need for a deeper understanding to apply the Rotary 4 way test.
Golfun - this Friday, August 23
Last minute call out for anyone interested.  Homestead Golf Course - $125.
White Rock Rotary Club Book Sale
Jerry will have the list of volunteer positions and times - asking for any help!

Rotary International Webinar - August 28 - Women as Leaders
Registration link was included in email notification. You also get access to powerpoints.

Unitl - Sept 12 Peace Arch Park – Bbq
Looking for volunteers to help serve - 10 am - 2 pm - let Jerry know if you are able to attend.
Good way to connect and learn about this group.
Invited us to tour their facility – 153rd and 24th - close to Learning Centre 
Jerry to see if they might host us for our breakfast meeting.
Scott and Rick confirmed that we had supported some of their word in the past.

White Rock Rotary Club Turkey run/walk - October 6
Fund Raising for White Rock and Peace Arch Elementary School Playgrounds
Presentation to WR club - Cambodia trip - October 15 tentative date.  
They might like to explore how they could also participate and contribute. 
Field House - 12 - 1:30
Johnny Walker Tasting Event - October 16
Pat commented that the date is still ok for the Johnny Walker rep.
Rhonda and Herb to host.
Beer Garden
Great success - appreciation for all who helped out. 
Almost everyone from our club volunteered for both clubs. 
Great way to know folks from Peace Arch club. 
Brought in about $11,000- $12000 for both events to be shared between the 2 clubs. 
We will arrange for a combined social event and will bring left over beer and wine to celebrate.

October 19 - Beatles Night Dance Fund Raiser.
Need to get a good start with silent auction items – minimum $50 value.
Send out to contacts to save the date. 
Can distribute to all our Chamber folks.
Rotaract - Big Western Conference in Vancouver - October 25
Invited all Rotarians to social event in Vancouver. 
Jerry to send out notice.  SFU downtown campus Vancouver. 
A couple from Rotaract are likely to join our club as well. 
Combined Club Christmas Party -- Tuesday, December 17
Horatio from the White Rock Club proposed a joint 6 club Christmas Party. 
Hazelmere to agree to a $45/pp cost. 
Develop more interaction between the clubs. 
School kids come and sing and lead us in Christmas Carols.

Rotary International Convention in Hawaii - June 6-10, 2020
Social tonight at Chip and DawnLynns at 6 pm.

Jerry away next week. 
Pat agreed to chair August 28 meeting.
Sept 4 – no meeting — meeting deferred to September 11
Canadian Eyesight Global 30 Anniversary celebrated on Sunday, August 18
Mark Maloney, Rotary International President was keynote speaker. 
We’re able to meet and have a group picture.
SaveOn Cards
Rhonda reminded folks that we have the Save On Cards for sale.
Guest Speaker - Brad Whittaker
Joan introduced new District Governor, Brad Whittaker
Rotary - since 1905 - lots of change. 
What hasn’t changed is our core values.
New vision statement result of consultation with over one million people.
Together we see the world where people unite and take action for lasting change - across the globe in our communities and in ourselves
Honour past and embrace future.
  1. Increase impact - relationships, evidence-based - mobilize networks for results that last. 
  2. Expand our Reach - more people to unite with us. 
    Person to person involvement. - eg. Polio project with many stakeholders.
  3. Enhance Participant Engagement — us! Members get more out of Rotary.  A lot of training etc.
  4. Increase our ability to adapt.  Find new ways to make lasting change in the world while we simplify how we operate.  Whole structure of Rotary is being reviewed.
This year — Rotary connects the World
  1.  Grow Rotary - increase membership - can do more and enhance public image and attract more members.  More people left last year than any other year. 
    Do more - have an impact and that attracts more people. 
    Where there is Rotary - less poverty, disease, illiteracy. 
    We break the cycle of poverty through micro loans - break the soil to get fresh and clean water, and break the soul of polio vaccine and break and create barriers to girls education (separate washrooms) solar panels to provide light at night. 
    New membership models for those who cannot attend daytime meetings.  Attend 12 meetings a year.... involve in projects and fundraising but cannot attend meetings.  Build new Rotaract clubs.
  2. Bring Families into Rotary.  Bring spouses and kids! Foster culture of bringing family to Rotary.
  3. Viable path to Rotary Leadership. 
  4. United Nations - 75th anniversary.  Rotary has one of the highest status with UN.
Brad - goal of district governor - strive to help every Rotarian to have an impactful and fun year. 
Wants you to get the most out of Rotary that you can.
  1.  Put more into Rotary - get out so much more than you give
  2. Learn more about Rotary - learn about clubs in district and throughout the world - Rotary learning institute... involve facebook and website and on district website...  right hand corner is projects so others can see - would like to be involved —District Assembly - April 4
  3. Become involved beyond the Club - Events:
  4. Golfun
  5. Foundation Dinner - Abbotsford - Nov 15
  6. District Assembly - April 4
  7. District Conference - Harrison Hot Springs April 30-May 3
  8. Peace Conference - California - Jan 17 and 18 - Ontario, California. www.
  9. International Convention - Honolulu - June 6-10
Partner with other clubs here and around the world.  Also have a youth exchange.
Rotary action groups:
Micro finance
Water and sanitation
Endangered species
Fellowship groups — e.g. Beer, Wine, Whiskey, Rum
Cycling fishing skiing hiking groups - RV, motorcycling and home exchange and travel.
You now have 1.2 million friends around the world.
Let’s rediscover our passion to grow Rotary. 
Let’s get our hands dirty to get actively involved and involve our families and have fun
Service above self!
District Conference - April 30-May 4 - $325 Cdn registration. 
Room around $160 per night.  Join the adventure. 
Pre-conference - white water rafting - cruise, kayaking etc.  Enjoy the adventure in Rotary.
Outstanding roster of speakers.
Jerry thanked Brad.

Jerry adjourned meeting at 8:32 am.