Jerry Zdril, President and Chairperson
Roberta Zdril
Jeff Richards
Peter Herz
Bob Gray
Rick Singh
Pat Hahn
Scott Phemister
Deidre O’Ruairc
Rhonda Latreille

DawnLynn Bowness
Welcome and Call to Order:
Jerry called our meeting to order at 7:15am, Scott led the singing of the national anthem and Pat offered the invocation.

In Memory of Don Boyce:
Jerry invited each member to share Individual memories and their experience of Don Boyce.  Dawnlynn recorded the sentiments on her phone.

His wisdom and humanity were common themes.  He could always be counted upon to remind/refocus the discussion to what was important.  Always the gentleman and professional, he’ll be remembered wearing his sports jacket to every function, even cleaning up the park.  Don loved Bryant Park and it was suggested that we might want to check with his family about funding a bench or rock in his name. 
Don had a profound impact on all he met, and his presence and contribution will be deeply missed.
The pre-arranged guest speaker not able to come today, we were all grateful for the opportunity to dedicate the meeting in appreciation to Don’s memory.


Roberta contacted about second time - Nov 2 or Nov 23.  Recommended November 2nd.
Scott wondered if we should consider a different location for second event.
Pat mentioned that we haven’t seen any slowdown yet - but what about other exposure like Grandview?  Walmart and Superstore supportive of those type of events.
Agreed to explore other potential spots and see what might be available.
Rick suggested we might want to explore a partnership with Staples to pool our efforts for a ‘shred month?’ 
We could promote it together for an entire month and this might generate some good interest. 
Rick to see if Staples might be interested in partnering with us on a ‘Shred Month’ fundraising project.

District Conference - April 11-14
Offering various 1 or 2 day packages now. 
We are setting up a display - members attending the conference will vote on best display.  Prize is $1,000 US$. 
Deidre coordinating directly with Joan to prepare and have her take our display with her.
Jerry only available to attend for one day.

Rotary World Work Day – April 27
Jerry discussed how we could be involved with one of the 2 Hospice events, Thrift Store event or beach clean-up events.
Will explore further at our Exec Meeting.
Rotaract Installation Charter Night – May 4
No location yet confirmed.
Ticket to Ride Dance – October 19
Rick’s daughter, Victoria, was able to secure 2 tickets for the silent auction for a White Caps international game.  Thanks, Victoria!

We all agreed to start on the silent auction items in August this year.

Passport to Fun Wind-Up Meeting
Roberta attended and reported back that the event earned net proceeds of about $200 and this will be donated to the Rotaract’s Guatemala project.

Beer Gardens – July 18 and August 15
Pat and Jerry met with Alex, John and Elaine on Monday to discuss Beer nights.
Full planning process now.  Alex presented a MOU identifying responsibilities and insurance - $1,000  (500/club) for deferment of their upfront costs. We get all the profits so $1,000 is not a lot to contribute.  For discussion at next meeting. 
We will need lots of volunteer support to run the gardens. 
There is a requirement for additional people to step forward. 
Food/beer/tents/fence etc....  Set up/take down/garbage/servers... 
Jerry will provide a list of volunteer needs and opportunities, and will have this ready for our members to review and sign up. 
We’ll need more volunteers than simply our membership, so we’ll have to extend our reach. 

Next Club Social – April 17
We all agreed to meet at the Veranda café on the beach next to the Washington Avenue Grill. 
The Veranda agreed to stay open longer to accommodate our social event. 

Next meeting – Christine Simmons from Sophies Place with Roo the Support Dog.
Make sure you bring lots of folks!

Member Updates:
Everyone commented on how great it was to receive our Cambodia Project 'sit-reps.' with pictures!
Nice to have Scott back from his vacation.

Jerry adjourned the meeting at 8:30 am.