Scribe May 31, 2017
Many people away today.
Is this Saturday.  The weather forecast is good.  Posters have been put up in various places.  Safeway will set up the parking lot though Scott will check that it is done.  Pads will have dogs there.  Brian will pick up tents at Allan’s and deliver them with tables.  Renee will pick up muffins.  If asked we can say a donation is $5 per box, which is half the commercial rate.  People who do not ask tend to give more.  Urban Shredding will be there by 9:30 and that is soon enough for set up.  The next shredding event may be in October but this is not yet confirmed by Urban Impact.  We are also still waiting for their contribution to PADS.
Some pictures have been posted.  More are desired.  Scott will check the field house and Renee will check with Jody.
Is confirmed at Jan’s on the beach.  Sheila’s is closed.  They are moving to Florida.  Catering is still being done here.  Jan’s has offered a fixed menu and a sign-up sheet was passed around.  Choices are Tuna, Steak, Salmon or Pasta.
The Irish Concert posters were handed out.
BRYANT PARK  A complaint was received and will be forwarded to White Rock and the Mayor along with a picture to be taken by Pat.  We are no longer adopting the park.
Speaker ideas are requested by Rick.  There are ideas in newspapers.  Gary suggested Dr. Pat Strang as well as a past D.G. from Chilliwack – name to be announced.
SPEAKER  Pat introduced Don Boyce.  Don started with a story about a farm boy and minister and then gave a talk which at times was very emotional.  Don also passed around a book which he made up about 15 years ago and is thinking of updating.  Don went to elementary school in a one room school with 14 students in grades 1 to 8.  He started work at $0.35 per hour but at that time it would buy a GALLON of gasoline with change.  He got a good job at the Ottawa Journal.  When he married Iola they had $200 between them.  Anyway they looked for a home to buy but moved to Fairview Ab. and bought the Fairview Post which had a circulation of 800.  The town had 1200 residents but from 1952 to 1960 he raised the circulation to 3000.  In 1960 he bought a new car – a Chrysler product with a slant 6 engine – and drove to Calgary where he joined Mutual Life and was transferred to Vancouver.  When he decided that being a manager for a big Insurance Company was not for him he moved to Maple Ridge and set up his own Insurance agency, which eventually his son took over in June 2013.  In the Community he was on Maple Ridge Council, Regional District, was a Charter Member of 2 Rotary Clubs, was on the White Rock Economic Council etc.  He and Iola also have travelled.  He has 2 sons and numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren.
In answers to questions he said the Fairview Post is still going owned by Montreal interests, in newspapers he was a pressman, editor, publisher, etc.  The community was mainly German in the east and Ukrainian in the west though there were many ethnicities.  When he joined Mutual Life he also looked at London Life as he had policies with both.  His Mutual Life salesman had a new Buick every year and he wondered if he could do the same.