Scribe March 22, 2017
After two weeks of not meeting for breakfast at the Pacific Inn we are back and so was our waitress who had been away when we last met there.
We had a good turnout of members with only the guest speaker as a guest.  Every seat was taken.
Renee announced that this is planned for June 3rd with Urban Impact.  Renee will be arranging with Safeway today.  Urban Impact has not yet given its donation to the dog suppliers.  If they do not donate we will. 
We need another fund raiser.  A Legion event is likely.  We have about $2K for International right now. 
Dierdre wants us to like our Facebook page.  She says it is easy but some members would like a speaker to explain social media.  Our guest speaker also mentioned dome features of Facebook.
Scott is our representative on the committe for the coming event.
This fund raiser is on May 5 at the Langley Trotting Track.  VIP tickets are $150 with a $100 tax receipt.
Is on April 1 at Kwantlen University.  We pay for 5.  District executive, Stuart Wilson will attend but is a district member for attendance.
Darin Alexander is co chair of volunteers for the White Rock/South Surrey Safety (formerly Police) Organization.  He passed out copies of a hand out about their fund raiser on October 27 at 8pm at Hazelmere Golf Course.  The organization is looking for a secretary right now.  South Surrey RCMP are part of Surrey RCMP so there is some problem allocating funds to South Surrey alone.  So far the organization is holding the funds.  This year firefighters and marine rescue have joined the group which used to be only police.  Gaiming funds may be easier to get if the word “police” is not in the organization’s name.  Support in the form of sponsors, funds or just word of mouth is sought.  There was much discussion of Surrey versus South Surrey and the conflict has caused some loss of volunteers in Surrey.
Peter has been appointed our representative on the committee but the position is open if anyone wants it.  The breakfast will be on May 13 at the White Rock United Church from 8 am to 11 am.  Our club will be responsible for some ticket sales and cleanup.  The 5 club breakfast has a very good reputation for clean up so we have a chance to shine.  Tickets will be $15 each and will be available after April 5.
Scott picked up funds for late arrivals and Canuck win over Chicago among others.