Scribe Jun. 7, 2017                          
This was a business meeting.
Letters have been sent by Patrick to Urban Impact thanking the Driver and the Owner for their parts in our Shredding Event last week.  Renee has also sent letters to them and to donors, Safeway, Starbucks and Ocean Park Pizza.
There is an open house at PADS from 11am to 4pm on Saturday June 10. ,
A letter will go to Joanne’s daughter, Taylor, along with Nichole’s daughter, Cindy, thanking them for their hard work
The next shredding event in October has not yet been confirmed by Urban Impact.
Don is to draft a letter inviting those who wrote cheques to join us for a free breakfast and to consider joining Rotary.
The money raised will complete our commitment to PADS.  A beneficiary for the next shredding event must be chosen.  It was generally agreed that it should be a community item rather than an International item.
An e mail has been sent to members who have not indicated their preference for the main course at the installation dinner.  Some visitors and past members are being invited.
Rick Singh is still looking for speaker advice.
The next executive meeting will be after the meeting on June 14.  The executive meeting on June 13 is cancelled.  There are only 2 items to be considered.
A BBQ at Scott’s home may be held July 12, 19 or August 16.  Scott is leaving for the Okanogan today and has not got pictures from the Field House.  Pat will try.
There was no Sergeant.  If there had been there would have been a fine for no “O’Canada” to start today’s meeting.
It was again mentioned that the White Rock Club has left the Field House.