Scribe 26 July 2017
There were very few people present and no singers so O’Canada was dispensed with.
Wings over White Rock was confirmed with arrival at Deirdre’s roof planned for 4 P.M. with planes expected about 5 P.M.
A wide ranging discussion followed including the following topics:
Nominations of executive for next year.
Dwindling membership.
Global Grants 18 month life span and local Rotary Club  required.
Family and corporate memberships. 1 or 2 or more votes?
International rules.
Reimbursement of expenses.
Membership in more than 1 club?
Local project needed to replace PADS dog for Sophie’s Place.
                Learning Centre Alternate school’s new principal
                P.R. e.g. we sponsored trip for $2000 and got no P.R.
Gaming grants and Go Fund Me.
Community Policing Van accident and Bob Gray.
There was no Sergeant at Arms.