Scribe Jan 4 2017
This is our first meeting of the new calendar year so HAPPY NEW YEAR!  If you missed this meeting you missed a good one.
Allan Benson reported on the Polar Bear Swim.
There is a picture taken by a drone on the front page of today’s Peace Arch News.  Alan estimated 2500 people.  Chip said there were 2447 in the picture in the water by his count, which was very quick.  Our tent was set up and Alan mentioned Brian, Chip and Deirdre as workers.  Parking took up all spaces.  There were 3 Polar Bears.  Brian was seen in the water as usual.  This was a 5 club event with people recognized from our club, Peninsula, Semiahmoo and White Rock.
Scott fined himself and Peter for talking while the president was talking, Jeff for being late, Jerry and Roberta for moving to Ladysmith.  Pat was happy to have a daughter going to Thailand for a year.  He was also jealous. Alan was fined for being late.  Scott was happy to have seen the New Year’s show at the River Rock Casino and for having come out even!  Brian paid for the sergeant to stop talking but was told he would have to pay much more to make that happen.  Geoff cleaned out his office and offered a number of books for free but Rick paid for some.  Peter was happy with a new washer and dryer given by his children who last year gave a gas BBQ.  He was told he has good children.
Our screen has been found but it was too easy for Rick, in the closet in our meeting room.
Jennifer Petersen, the director of the B.C. & Yukon chapter of The Children’s Wish Foundation, brought Nikki Kost as her computer operator and gave a wonderful talk with a video.  The Foundation serves people from 3 to 17 years old.  It has been in Canada for 34 years and is completely separate from the similar U.S.A. organization.  Jennifer stated that the term “Terminal” is not used and wishes are not always end of life situations.  She referred to referrals and asked if any of us had family of friends that should be referred to them.  Rick said he would kill his kids if they did not do well in school but did not refer them.  The Canadian foundation has granted 23000 wishes and is completely supported by donations.  It gets no government grants.  Small Provinces donate more per capita than large ones.  No qualified wish is turned down.  A single wish granted can affect 100 people.  Jenifer gave an example of a teacher being affected.  The average wish costs about $10k.  Jennifer gave us several amazing stories with pictures of some of the recipients.  The B.C. budget for operations is $1.5 million.  Jennifer said Canada Post collects from clients and makes donations including The Children’s Wish Foundation.
Alan thanked Jennifer and promised a certificate would follow.
Jennifer is always looking for opportunities to speak and we will tell other Rotary Clubs on the Peninsula about her.