Scribe Feb. 8 2017
A good turnout today with no visitors.  There was considerable discussion with no speaker and no Rotary minute.
Geoff Richards was the 13th person and arrived late as usual.
Feb 18 at the Field House is a seminar called Membership Matters.  At least 3 people from each club is desired.  Jerry, Roberta and Deirdre will go at 8:30 am.
Mar. 4 there is a Rotary Institute.  You can sign up on line at the district 5050 web site.
Mar. 11 there is a boot camp at the Silver Reef Casino in Ferndale from 8:30 to 2:30.
May 4 is the District Conference in Seattle.
June 14 is the start of the National Convention in Atlanta.
February 15 is our Social night with Speaker, Mayor Baldwin, at the Road House Grill.  At least 16 people are expected.
Feb 22 is the new date for the tour of Sophie’s Place.  We will meet at the Pacific Inn and car pool for an 8 am start (to be confirmed).
3 of our members attended.  We got a cheque for over $2000 from Sip and Savour.  The South Surrey/White Rock Hospice got $25,000. 
It is proposed to name a room in the new Hospice building the Rotary Room at a cost of $50,000.  The executive will decide if we are to take part.  Some members feel a written motion with more details is required. 
It was also proposed that minutes of previous executive meetings and an agenda should go to members of the executive before meetings. 
There was discussion of Local vs. International projects, Hands on vs. Program projects.
Don Boyce questioned 0ur clubs part in Bryant Park which is scheduled for major change to the east of the tree line.  Work Party turn out has not been great.  The Kiwanis Park and Hogg Park were mentioned as examples of the failure of White Rock’s adoption agenda.
There was discussion of Honorary memberships.  Bob Gray wants one.  Criteria and practices are required.  Are honorary memberships limited in time?  McIntosh was compared to St Germain and Ferguson.  A problem with membership numbers has been discovered. 
There is a discrepancy between our records and those of Rotary International.
ADVENTURES IN CITIZENSHIP is for people 16 to 18 years old.  The Learning Centre has proposed a 19 year old.  Ottawa has said it is ok if in grade 12 and accepts rules but Bob Gray wants a legal opinion and is concerned about our Club’s liability.  YAIL refused an over age person.  Also travel is not at the lowest cost.  We have until Mar 3 to decide.
EXECUTIVE MEETING was set for Wednesday Feb 15 at 8 am at the Pacific Inn.  No date suited everyone.  Renee has a problem with this time.