Scott led the singing of “O Canada” and Rhonda provided the invocation
Pat introduced our quests, Ross Phemister, Ray Paquet, and Meagan Jones.
Peter, the 5 Club Rotary Breakfast on April 28.  Tickets sales are good.  Our club is responsible for cleanup after the event.
The Semiahmoo Club golf tournament is taking place on June 21st. Cost is $400 per person.
Pat reviewed the executive meeting held on April 18th at Ricky’s.
  • Executive declined to provide support to the Rotary club near Humboldt.
  • Executive declined to provide donation to the visiting club from Thailand as requested by Preet Paul during her presentation on April 11
  • The club approved the motion from executive that establishes an amount of $500 that can be spent by members when necessary for non-approved expenses.
  • The club approved the $390 Fee for Family Memberships.
Pat thanked Chip for his work on the White Rock Learning Center (WRLC) project. 
Chip indicated that Rona did not provide any kind of support or donation to the WRLC.  Chip also will propose to Rory at WRLC, our club’s willingness to present a class on basic finances to students at WRLC.
Rhonda reminded members about the Save on Food cards available for purchase.
Jeff has received the check for $2,140 for the clubs share of the Sip and Savor event.
Roberta reviewed the May 23rd dinner.  Cost is $40 per ticket and includes the meal, wine and beer.
Jerry and Scott will prepare the poster for the Shred It fundraiser on June 9.  Scott will prepare the site on the day of the event.  Arrangements for muffins, coffee and pizza are being made.
Jerry introduced Ray and Meagan, our guest speakers.
Ray has been involved with RYLA, YAIL, Rotaract for 30 years. There are over 200,000 Rotaract members worldwide.
Rotaract has a focus on mentorship, mentoring and hands on projects. Dues are very reasonable at $50 per members.
The new club being formed will be successful and needs support from all of the clubs in South Surrey and White Rock areas. 
If members know of anyone that would be interested in Rotaract, contact Jerry and Roberta. They will accompany them to the meetings being held every second Wednesday at Laura’s Coffee Shop.
It was suggested that the WRLC would be a potential source of candidates.
For more information on Rotaract go to
Deirdre thanked Ray and Meagan for their presentation.