South Fraser Women's Sevices Extreme Makeover 2007

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The "Extreme Makeover" Project

We recognize that there must be some essential upgrades to the building that houses the South Fraser Women's Services Society. Unfortunately, the building is beginning to show it's age and needs many upgrades and renovations to continue to provide services to the ever expanding needs of women and their families in one of the fastest growing communities in Canada.

It's a simple two-storey house, on a quiet residential street in South Surrey. Their growth during these last twelve years has been deliberate and careful. As they developed, they made incremental changes necessary. The facility is still very well suited to the neighbourhood environment. However, we recognize that it wasn't designed to carry the kind of operational burden they are now putting upon it.

The overloaded electrical system now shorts-out regularly, causing blackouts and compromising the computer and communications systems. An upgrade is necessary for safety and function. While volunteers landscaped a garden in the backyard, the wooden stairs and deck leading down to it are in serious need of repair. The flooring and carpeting, particularly in the working areas most often used for meetings, support groups and counselling, are entirely worn out. They have been informed that the thirty-five-year-old exterior doors and aluminium siding require replacement in order to avert more serious water damage.

  • New Siding for house to match Shower/Laundry Facility
  • Replacement /installation, 2 Sets of custom size exterior double doors
  • Replacement/installation of 2 standard size steel exterior doors
  • Replace gutters and downspouts and soffits
  • Inspect roof and repair / replace tile as needed
  • New front signage
  • Repair / replace fencing as needed
  • Behind facility new storage bins with matching siding
  • Install Patio blocks in back by bins
  • Back balcony and stairs rebuilt
  • Change garden area with raised beds and maintain play area
  • Repair concrete patio and seal at back of house
  • Upgrade electrical, add new panel box for 2nd floor and more outlets in all offices.
  • New Flooring/carpeting throughout the house
  • Upgrade to heating requirements
  • Renovations of washroom facilities for handicapped
  • General improvements to storage and space utilization
  • Tear up concrete floor and repair radiant heating cracked pipes for heating zone