Today was a Business meeting and President Deirdre's first. Well it went off without a hitch and  Deirdre settled into her role as President quite effortlessly . The meeting kicked off with Past President Rick awarding Perfect attendance pins to Deirdre, Brian, Jeff and himself. Congratulations, great to see such dedication. Past President Rick also finalized the induction of 2014-2015 Directors who missed the Installation event two weeks ago. Rick installed, Joanne, Jody and Patrick, welcome aboard.

Deirdre then proceeded to summarize her first Executive meeting held yesterday.  Main topics reported out were decisions on Rotary Donate a Car and the decision to allow this program to lapse. Although not a huge expense it was felt that the expenses to keep it running far exceeded the revenue and it was time to move on. Other cost saving measures were also reported such as cancelation of our mail box, mail to the Club will now be directed to the address of the reigning President. One exception to this is for Bank correspondence which will be directed to the home of the Treasurer. There was a brief update on progress with our Orphanage project which is currently stalled due to our Cambodia contact has just given birth to a baby boy and she is quite busy at the moment. There was also a short discussion on the Chili Cook Off Event for 2014. It has been decided that rather than align ourselves with the BIA this year, various reasons why, we would approach the Farmer's Market and see if any interest in a collaborative event one Sunday in September. The last item up for discussion was the upcoming Golf event, scheduled for September 12, 2014.  This is a 9 hole event, with all holes having potential for a $10,000 hole in one prize. Stay tuned for this one.

Happy Buck's:  Patrick reported on his recent trip to St. Andrews in Scotland and his golfing prowess. Patrick managed 4 games on the courses in Scotland and was a member of the winning team at the Rotary Organized International Golfing event held on the last day of the tour.  Congratulations Patrick, hope you left some Scotch for me!!