Jerry Zdril — President and Chairperson
Peter Herz
Jeff Richards
Deirdre O’Ruairc
Rick Singh
Scott Phemister
Chip Bowness
Pat Hahn
Rhonda Latreille
Beth Kish
Call to Order and Welcome
Jerry called the meeting to order, welcomed back Jeff post heart surgery, and welcomed Beth Kish from the Peace Arch Hospice Society.
Peter gave the invocation and Scott offered the Rotary Minute.
Grant Seminar Session at Silver Reef in Washington
Jerry, Deirdre and Rhonda attended.
Well presented
We were presented with 2 banners of achievement at the Grant Seminar Session.
Every Rotarian, Every Year Club (1/3,400 clubs worldwide!) and the banner for making a minimum contribution of at least $100 US from each member of our club (1/4,000).
This is a significant achievement, and Rhonda acknowledged Jeff’s great work to help us make this happen.
Rotary and Toastmasters Official Affiliation
We can attend each other’s meetings. 
Jerry will forward the message to all members to define in more detail what this affiliation will mean.
District Conference - April 30-May 3. 
Harrison Hot Springs
As of Sat - reached 220 registrations, hoping to get 250.
Sassy Award Nomination
Janet Smith - Learning Centre submitted application for Desmond for Sassy award. 
Sassy awards on May 7.
March 18 Club Social at Deirdre and Brians’s Home at 6:30
Bring appies and your own drinks.
RSVP Please!
Breakfast Fundraiser
March 21 –  White Rock Baptist Church – 1657 – 140th St., Surrey, BC
Chip asked if anyone can take more tickets to sell.
We will help with welcoming, parking, and clean up.
Chip suggested that we might want to purchase some tickets to give as a gift - postman etc.
We will have space to put up our fundraising boards.
Trip to Asia – Cambodia and Thailand
On hold until we get the clear to travel because of concerns with the coronavirus. 
Chip meeting with White Rock Club tomorrow night to join us and issue tax receipts for these projects especially.  Chip to complete the purpose statement.
We are looking at establishing a charitable society to be able to receive donations and give a tax receipt.
Semiahmoo House Kitchen Reno Project
Since we need to stall on Chip and Brian going to Cambodia, Brian is suggesting that we start on the kitchen renovation for Semiahmoo House. 
Many offered to help with the labour.
Guest Speaker -- Beth Kish, Peace Arch Hospice Society

Jerry introduced Beth.
Hospice Residence and Society and Thrift Store
Beth has served as the Executive Director for 6 years now.
Provide professional counselling
Relaxation therapy
Vigil support (last 72 hours of life) - 24/7
Specially trained Hospice Society volunteers to provided emotional support
A lending library of books and videos
Information or referral to other community services
Journal everything while they are there and give to the family after
For those who are grieving
Services meet the individual’s specific needs
Tea, chat, support group
Vision — quality living and dying experience.
Volunteer based organization that is dedicated to supporting all who are facing end of life journey and this is committed to educating the community on dying and grieving.
Hospice residence currently on 6th floor of hospital and moving into new hospital building in April.
Established in 1982
1992 - purchased a home on Russell
Fraser health authority - ok to create hospice residence
2008 - thrift store opened
2010 name change
2017 new name of Peace Arch hospice society
2017 new supportive care centre
New hospice residence opening next month
Grief and bereavement is for anyone – don’t have to have a family member in hospice residence
All services are free of charge.
George and Sylvia Melville home - open house this Sunday. 1-4 pm
Share building with extended care and mental health
Small amount of govt. support for volunteer support
Gaming grant
Medically Assisted Suicide - they do not take a stand, so leave it to the individual and their doctors.  About 10 in this area who had pursued MAD in their own homes.
Society does not have any endowments at this time.
15 beds in new facility
15 programs
3 children’s grief support camps
Hospice hoedown - life is a beach
Celebrate a life
Hike for Hospice
Chip talks about our hospice in Thailand - these folks have been rejected
Could Peace Arch Hospice become a supporter of the hospice in Thailand?
Beth agreed to take this to her Board of Directors.

Jerry thanked Beth and adjourned the meeting at 8:30 am.