Jerry Zdril, President and Chairperson
Roberta Zdril
Don Boyce
Pat Hahn
Peter Herz
Chip Bowness
Scott Phemister
Alan Benson
Joanne Taylor
Jeff Richards
Bob Gray
Rhonda Latreille

Emery Dosdall

****Has since been confirmed that January 16 will be our Executive Meeting, and the Social evening is confirmed for the club at the 3 dog Brewery.***

Call to Order and Welcome

Jerry called the meeting to order at 7:16 Scott led the singing of the national anthem and Don offered the invocation.

Rotary Minute

Roberta shared that she and Jerry have been going to Riverview where a container is stationed to collect medical equipment items to go to the Philippines.  Happening this Saturday.  She encouraged members to check it out.

Passport to Fun Event - March 7

Event purpose is to have fun, intermingle and meet other members from other clubs.  Held at the Rotary Field House, will share more information as details evolve.


1.  Coldest night of the year confirmed - Feb 23

Fred registering a group under Rotary - hoping to get 50...might be optimistic..

Register online at Sources website — can register under a team name - Jerry to distribute more details as they are released - Cost is $25 per person, and if you raise $150, cost waived.  Funds support homeless shelters etc.

2,5,10 Kim walk all start at Maple and down promenade

2.  Beer Garden - will be meeting with Alex - nothing new to report

3.  Save On Food Cards
Sold $1 million in gift cards - provides $165,000 to food bank - for every $1 they get, Sources can often turn that into $3 worth of food.

Especially helpful as funds go to Sources all year round, not just a Christmas rush.

4.  District Conference – April 11 – 14

Pat Bond - early bird discount registration no longer available.  About $1400 overall costs when you add up registration, hotels and exchange, etc. 

Emery shared that the facility is outstanding and the event is exceptional.

5.  Polar Bear Swim

Chip and Brian went for a dip at the East Beach!

We did receive a receive a grant for printing posters for the event, so there will likely be no more costs to us. 

John Makepeace moving off and next year this will be coordinated by Lindagene. 

Scott asked for clarification regarding the promotion of this event.  It was promoted as a White Rock Rotary event when it is actually a Five Club Event.  Emery acknowledged that this was a mistake and will be corrected in future events. 

6.  Shredit - involved Urban Impact and support Sassy.  Scott prepared a letter to Shredit and they will get back to us end of January.  Jerry thanked Scott for his excellent letter.

7.  5 Club Breakfast Meeting – March 16

Held this year at White Rock Baptist church.  Peter has served as our club rep for years, and Chip volunteered to be our new rep.  Chip and Peter attended meeting on January 5. 

Same as last year more or less - we are on clean up excluding the kitchen. 

Parking lot - everything must be restored to its original status.  5 areas we would be responsible for.  Church member coordinating this and has been involved in event planning in the past. 

Will likely need a member job coordinator plus 1 in charge of crew - outside 2 people and inside 4 people. 

20 tables maximum.  Beautiful facility!  A lot of discussion about enhancing event - give away something every 15-20 minutes, e.g. $25 Save On food card.  We can promote and demo our club projects — would need someone to help coordinate this so that it looks professional.  Might have an area for children - have Rotaract look at this.

Greeting very important - Create more vibrancy.

Parking and Welcoming – Church rep talked about how important it is to make people feel welcome as they drive up - Welcome, please park at.... or hand out Rotary info.  At building, need a welcome person as well.  Signage and floppy street balloon.

8.  Rotaract Bottle Drive

Rotaract raising funds for a trip to distribute ovens to Guatemala to help to install stoves.  Will be asking us for some funding support.  Letter will be coming to make a formal request.

9.  50/50 District Grant

We are approved and we need to match their grant.  Received US $8500 grant we have to match. 

Jerry, Roberta, Deidre and Chip meeting to review next steps. 

10.  Paul Harris Award Pins

Jerry asked Emery to make presentation:

Emery shared that the Paul Harris Award Pins were originally introduced to honour achievements of Rotarians,  recognized on basis of US$1000 contribution. 

Emery recognized and honoured Jeff Richards and Bob Gray for their contributions and meeting this milestone. 

It is so much more than just putting on a pin - need to recognize their generous contributions to Rotary Foundation.  Probably the most honoured Foundation without taking money into admin — funds used only used for communities.  Started as a commitment to get rid of polio - today 26 cases reported  - expended several billion dollars.  Many other projects as well.

President Jerry presented the pins and recognized both Jeff Richards and Bob Gray. 

11.  New Member Induction - Roberta Zdril

Emery reminded us of our duty to bring new members in order to increase influence and spirit of Rotary.

Roberta was a honourary member and now is being welcomed enthusiastically as a full member — sponsored by Jerry Zdril.

Roberta has demonstrated exemplary dedication, commitment and character as a honourary member, and everyone is pleased and appreciative to have Roberta now serve as a full member. 

Formally inducted at this meeting. 

12.  Misc.

Scott away next week and then middle of Feb - middle of April

Rhonda and Herb away Jan 16 - Feb 6.  Peter offered to take the regular meetings – thanks Peter!

13.  Adjournment

Jerry adjourned the meeting at 8:30 am.