Jerry Zdril, President and Chairperson
Roberta Zdril
Pat Hahn
Jeff Richards
Peter Herz
Deidre  O’Ruairc
Brian O’Ruairc
Chip Bowness
Carlos Galvez
Alan Benson
Rhonda Latreille
Eva Galvez

Jerry called the meeting to order at 7:15am  and Chip offered the invocation.

Business/Exec Combined Agenda:
The agenda was approved as circulated.

Motion : 
‘It was moved by Deidre and seconded by Pat that the minutes of Jan 16, 2019 meeting be accepted as received. ‘
Motion carried.

Business Arising From Previous Minutes :
1.            Funding Request from Rotaract :
Requesting $1000 for Rotaract Guatemala Project.
It was agreed that we will wait until after their presentation to our club to make a determination about this request.
2.            President Elect Training Session In USA.
Jerry attended the President Elect meeting.  Theme included membership and importance of connecting with Rotaract. 

There is a planning session tonight for the Rotaract Charter Installation scheduled for May 4.  Jerry and Roberta will attend planning session.
Rotaract members can now serve as both Rotaracts and Rotarians.  Jerry recommended that we bring them into our club.  It was also suggested that we offer one year complimentary membership dues as an incentive.  We will confirm our decision following their presentation on March 13.
Pat suggested that should we agree to provide them with $1,000 for their Guatemala Project, that we present the cheque at their Installation meeting.
3.            Shred It
Roberta provided an update. 

Many shredding companies are no longer partnering for community fundraising events.  Roberta was able to connect with Tino from Shredwise in White Rock.  Tino can provide us with a truck and driver for 4 hours for $400.  He stated that if need be, he would serve as the driver.
Potential Dates:  It was suggested that Roberta contact Tino about dates after tax time – last week of April or 1st 2 weeks in May or 1st week in June. 
Once we have a potential date with Shredwise,  Deidre confirmed that we should then contact the manager of Safeway.
4.  Beer Garden
No further discussion since last meeting.

Jerry will circulate a list with identified roles and asks for volunteers.

5.  5 Club Breakfast - March 16, 2019
White Rock Baptist Church Hall, 1657 140th St.  100m North of Home Hardware.

Chip provided an update. 
Need to push ticket sales and provide confirmation of sales.
Alan taking over as club contact and tracking sales. 

Roberta to coordinate greeters - inside and outside. 
Outside traffic control – Chip stressed that we really need this attended to. 
Need directional signs and someone to help marshal the cars. 
Door is on the north side of the church that they want us to use for entrance.  We should park on the south to make room on the north.

Laughing man ‘balloon’ will need to be set up to drive attention to the breakfast.  Semiahmoo club had a big blow up Rotary Wheel - used it for Coldest Night Of The Year - could someone check on that?  Our club banners and 4 way test and DISPLAY is really nice for fireside room.

Glenn will take over donations - approached 11 stores only 1 said no - Superstore they go right to beneficiary level.  If we get more donations than we need, extra goes right back to food bank.
Reviewing volunteers - call for more folks!
Greeter notes on Chip’s handout.  Chip  suggesting they have one more coordination meeting.  We are not involved with set up - but are taking over traffic flow and greeters. 
Starts at 8:30am – we need to be there at 7:30am - no later.  Doors open to public at 8:30
Jerry thanked Chip for all his work. 
6.  Next Fund Raising Dance
Roberta and Deidre - connect with Simon about next dance event. 
Roberta contacted Simon and hasn’t heard back yet - will call.  They are away right now. 

Roberta called Heather at Legion to check dates in Sept and Oct.  October is a better time - Roberta will share October dates with Simon.  Heather sharing ideas for other bands.  Pat suggested that we stay with same band and let’s check to see if other clubs have dates that don’t compete.
Roberta working this out with Heather. 

Because we are good customers at the Legion - may not be hit with rental increase. 
7.  Passport to Fun. March 7, 2019
Roberta reported that we need one more volunteer for the table.  Deidre offered to help.
Each club needs to buy one bottle of white and one bottle of red for wine draw.  Come with toonies for a toonie toss (Rotaract). 2 fun games and mingling. 

Doors open at 6:30.  Cash bar... $5.00 per drink.
New Business:
  1.   Funding Request – WE Kinvig Elementary School.

    Deidre suggested that given the size of our club that supporting 1 school at a time is probably all we can handle.  Jerry to respond to them. 

    Brian suggested ‘mock interviews’ to help Learning Centre – as well as help with preparing resumes.  Chip shared that Dawn Lynn helped students prepare for interviews in her work in Ottawa and would likely be able to help with the Learning Centre if that is a program they are interested in pursuing.  It was also suggested that this could be an excellent program to work in partnership with Rotaract. 
  2.  Upcoming Events – Rotaract Charter Night – May 4, 2019
There is a Rotaract meeting this Wednesday (Feb 27th) at Browns Ale House at Grandview corners 7: pm and we are wanting some Rotarians to help Rotaract with the planning.
  1.  Board Positions
Jerry agreed to a 2 year term and will serve as president for another year.  Jerry needs to designate another person for President the end of his second term as Rick is not able to have his name stand. 

We also need to confirm the other executive positions for 2019-2020.
Please indicate interest in any of the board positions.

4.  Executive Reports:
  1.  Financial Report – Jeff
After much difficulty, we were able to transfer $15,000 US$ to Cambodia. $43,000 raised for Cambodia and sent $15,000 US$.  Additional money will be sent as Brian and Chip identify specific needs as the project unfolds.

Bottom line - now have approximately $34,000 after the payment to Cambodia.  The grant money and donations contributed to this position. 

Jeff reported that we also have $1,400 in general club account. 

Bangkok account separate from Cambodia account.

Jeff agreed that this project and Chip and Brian’s 4th trip to Bangkok and Cambodia really sets our club apart! 
Brian and Chip shared that an added feature is the fact that we will be hiring local trades people and teaching them.
Jeff suggested that this was worthy of an article in the Rotary Magazine and offered to look this.
Deidre already contacted Peace Arch News and commented that this was especially remarkable given our club small size!

Global Grant - Rotary International and Foundation were concerned because of sketchy reporting in the past, so they revamped whole system.  RI now need a local club to first reach out and ask for help.

Member News:
It was with great sadness that Jerry reported that Emery has been diagnosed with a brain tumor.
Pat offered to provide Emery’s email.  Jerry will get a card. 
Deidre suggested that we reach to see how we can help - food or drive or errands.  Jerry to connect with Emery’s wife to see how we can best support them during this difficult time and to help out.
Other Executive Reports:
We agreed to defer other reports to next meeting.

Next Executive Meeting:
Next Executive Meeting Date is March 20, 2019

Jerry adjourned meeting at 8:33.