Scribe 28 Sept. 2016
Scott was back and led O’Canada which was much improved.
Stuart quoted Mother Teresa for the invocation.
Rotary minute by Pat was a reading from the most recent Rotarian about Polio and d World Polio Day.  Polio may be eradicated world wide in this Rotary year.
Renee reported on the shredding event.  $3,400 was raised of which $31,00 will go to PADS.  We still hope to come up with another $7000 for PADS.
The Fabfour Event. 
Renee has sold 36 tickets.  A few people took more tickets.  Stuart has sold 6.  Pat said we expect an early sell out and a great event.  Alan volunteered to create song sheets.  Roberta is preparing a trivia question sheet.  Event is October 22nd
Rotary could have reserved seats for PADS graduation on October 2 but there were no takers.  A PADS booklet was handed out.
Rick reported that last week’s social was a good event.  Next social will be at La Baia on Oct. 19.  Upcoming events are a wine event and lamb cooked by Rick like at the BBQ.
Pat was sad because his eldest son turned 30 yesterday and complained about his housing change.  Jeff was happy for an upcoming trip to St. Kitts.  Al was happy to be back and to have completed his radiation treatment.  Renee thanked t5hose who braved the wet weather to work at the shredding event.  Bob was happy to be back from Haida Gwai.  Don was happy about a cruise coming up.  Roberta expressed mixed feelings about Jerry going away.  Peter boasted about 2 assists (the sergeant complained that goals are worth more).  Scott told of his child in Guatamala.  Stuart boasted of a trip to Australia up coming.  Pat was sad to not be going with all those who have trips.
Alan introduced Darrell who he has known since his children (Alan’s)  were in soccer.  Darrell said that Coastal FC now has 4500 registrations per year and is planning to build a $3.9 million indoor soccer facility.  Money is raised by a $25 fee on every registration and a mortgage.  $300,000 has been paid.
Darrell also spoke about Kids  Sports which started in 1993 and now has 13 chapters in B.C. and assists needy people to register which can cost from $400 to $10000 per year per child.  They now pay up to $300 in 16 sports.  In spite of all this money raised and given out there is no specific ask.  Darrel’s group also works with “Rec for Kids” which needs volunteers.
Bob thanked the speaker.  Pat said Rotaract may have a role to play here.
Pat spoke of “Sip and Savour” which is going ahead with restaurant, wineries and a brewery involved.  Date is Nov. 5.