Scribe May 11 2016
Rotary minute: Ken gave a history of the Rotary Foundation from its start in 1917 to the present where it has over $1 billion.  He also started a discussion of women in Rotary and noted that to date, 20% of clubs still do not have women members.
There was an executive meeting on Monday. 
Peter firmed up volunteers for the 5 club breakfast.  Alan and Peter will be there at 7 am, Deirdre and Don will be there at 10 am.
Rotarian of the Year went to Jerry and Roberta Zdril for always volunteering.
Deirdre discussed several subjects:
Sophie’s place is applying for a dog today. 
We could come up with $15,000 for sponsoring a PADS dog as follows:
We will review our commitment to $15,000 only if Sophie’s Place is approved for a dog.
Beatle’s project                $2,500
The Beatle’s project involves selling 100 tickets at $35 each.  The Crescent Beach Legion is the proposed venue and can seat 150 people.  Date reserved is Oct. 22.  The Legion gets rent and liquor sales.  We could run several 50/50 draws.  There would be a speaker from Sophie’s Place.  Jerry mentioned a ticket selling web site.  It was agreed to go ahead with Deirdre chairing. 
Shred it                                 $2,500
Club funds                          $2,500
District grant                      $7,500
Ken Smith is to apply for district Matching Grant.
Urban Impact is holding an event on Monday June 6 at their offices in Richmond which might raise $2,000.  Posters were handed out.  Phone number on the posters is Deirdre’s cell.
District Assembly – only 3 of our members attended and that is all we are paying for although all clubs are supposed to pay for a minimum of 5.
Sergeant  Al Benson fined Deirdre for talking, Brian for yelling at her, Roberta for not letting Jerry hold the award, Geoff for being a ventriloquist (talking too loudly to the waitress), Deirdre for having a new grandchild, Rick for having his father visiting (told to bring him to a meeting), and several jokes were told.
BBQ: It was decided to keep it and buy a new cover.  It needs a new home!
Bryant Park:  Needs Work.  Meeting May 25 will be at 6 pm at the Park.  Roberta and Jerry will go this coming Monday.
May 18 meeting will be at the Learning Center.  They will be the program.  Breakfast muffins and butter to be supplied by Don, Coffee supplied by Deirdre.  Renee will invite Peninsula club since they also support the Learning Centre but few are expected.
Jeff explained the breakfast order form which is not being well filled out.
Brian wants to give $1500 to a family with AIDS for housing.  More information is to come.
50/50:  Don’s ticket was drawn but he did not pull the joker.