This is our last meeting of 2016

Rotary Minute:  Don Boyce talked about persistence overcoming inertia.

A guest walked in on her own to check out Rotary.  Welcome Leah!

Pat started a discussion of our club this past year and next year.  Our small group is doing good work.  We hope to do another shred it event with Urban Impact, we are nearly finished paying for an assistance dog,  however we have not yet received funds from Sip and Savour (Pat to follow up).  Changes to lottery funds were mentioned (Pat to inquire at 5 club meeting of presidents).  Brian and Chip are going to see if more is needed in Bangkok in February.  Chip mentioned a need for $5000 per year to support the Hospice in Thailand which the Rotary Club of Bangkok South has been supporting for many years. 

Alan talked about the Polar Bear Swim.  40,000 posters are going  out but will contain advertising that may not be endorsed by Rotary.  It was generally felt that nothing can be done about it this year but a policy is required before next year’s advertising.

Sergeant:  Happy and Sad dollars could be changed to Naughty and Nice at this time of year.  Renee was happy about the help at the Christmas Party last week.  Al was happy about the sing song.  Brian paid the sergeant to go away.  Don was happy that days will now get longer.  Dierdre was sad that her grandchildren did not get to ride the Stanley Park train as it was closed due to snow but was happy to see the snow in the park.  Peter told everyone that the singer at the Canuck game was the wife of one of his old timers’ hockey goalies.  Stuart was glad to be finished 28 days of antibiotics and he may be cured.  Gary was happy that his brother in law had survived 3 years after a double lung transplant.  Scott told of house guests and a woman who took a lot of his stored furniture.  She is looking for a job possibly in marketing.

Pat thanked Alan for his work on Adventures in Leadership.  We have 2 candidates and one for Adventures in Citizenship which Bob Gray (absent) is handling.