Rhonda Latrielle – President & Chair
Jeff Richards
Pat Hahn
Greg Flinn
Alan Benson
Marjorie Walters
Zoom: Jerry Zdril
           Rick Singh
           Chip Bowness
           Lynda Simpson
  • Welcome and Call to Order 7:38AM
  • National Anthem 
  • Invocation -Rick
  • Rotary Minute - Rhonda
  • Accept Minutes of previous Meeting of March 9, 2022, moved by Marjorie, seconded by Pat.   Carried.
  • Additions to Agenda 
-District Grants management Training – Saturday.
 We have 3 grants in line ready when can travel. Submit application for the Hospice that was not approved last year, due to shortage of funds; will be submitted again, by end of August 2022.
-Playground cleanup/upgrade -proposal – group effort with all 5 clubs.  Proposed Salvation Army Public playground on Roper & 154th street, Surrey, BC. Awaiting approval of all clubs. Grant is $5000.
-Our Shred-it is May 28th, 2022.  Need to advertise on all media sources and focus to promote our fundraiser. Pat and Alan offered to help organize signs.  Consider sign party to update signs.  Ensure in High traffic areas and ask members to install and manage signs in their own area as well. Appreciate all of Chip’s input, documentation and info that he will share.  Thank you, Chip!
-Speakers: on March 30, 2022 – Shelter Box,-  April 13, 2022 – Maria, with Healthy mourning – more info to follow.
-April 9th, 2022, Saturday, District Training Assembly - Jerry and Roberta giving a presentation of Rotary Helps.  – 8:00pm to noon, lunch is served; is in person. 5 registrations are mandatory to us; please make every effort to attend and register as soon as possible.  Located a KPU Kwantlen Polytechnic University, 12666 72 Ave, Surrey, BC.
-Update from Rotary Helps by Jerry.  Last container filled last week for Tanzania.  Good event and process of loading of containers. March 5, 2022, container to Ethiopia. Anyone can come on a Saturday to view process that is needed to load container to other countries.
-fund raising opportunity.  Pat – White Rock Pride Society, having a dine dance July 23, 2022, asked us to run and serve the bar with a 50/50 participation. Lots of agreement to join this venture. Pat will stay involved to follow for information to participate.  We order liquor, pick up and deliver and serve.                   
  • Sergeant at Arms - Pat
  • Future meeting Date: March 30, 2022!!  Guest Speaker from Shelter Box.
  • No further business for the good of Rotary, meeting was adjourned at 8:57am. 
Yours in Rotary,
Lynda Simpson